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Topic Project details Client
Start-up of a voice-over-IP-service • Aim: Launching complex voice-over-IP product in a slow and complex organization within 9 months. Becoming the national market leader.
• Business planning (investments, break-even, net present value, ...), creation of decision papers for formal approval by all board members.
• Specification of system requirements, system technology procurement.
• Detailed process design (sales, subscriber activation, billing, lawful interception, maintenance procedures, ...).
• Organizational design.
• Project management (full scale implementation, ensuring that the infrastructure and processes are available on time).
• Creation of terms and conditions / solving legal issues.
• Product definition and product management.
• System testing (in lab and pilot customers).
• Market communication together with a marketing agency (brochures, TV-ads, CeBIT).
Large European telecommunication enterprise
Redesigning a telco's maintenance operation • Aim: Efficiency improvement of the geographically distributed maintenance service organization (30 000 people at over 100 locations handling 10 000 different products).
• Designing and implementing an integrated task planning and dispatch system to minimize unnecessary/ unsuccessful customer visits.
• Optimization of travel time, prioritizing assignments according to clients' service levels.
• Introduction of an artificial intelligence system to support fault resolution for maintenance staff at the end location.
• Improved information sharing across all departments and regions.
• Redesign of major maintenance processes.
A large European telecommunication enterprise
Telecommunication industry 10 year forecast • Market research and analysis about technological development, industry segmentation, players, financial impacts, economy and society.
• Delphi interviews of relevant experts.
• Creation of a modelling basis for forecasting for the appropriate long term strategies.
• Ghostwriting the CEO's presentation at the World Economic Summit (Davos) and at several national and international events.
Telco (national market leader)
IP inter-carrier sales strategy • "Make or Buy"-strategies for acquisition of own fiber optic network (30 cities across 4 countries).
• Strategies concerning depths of own value creation (IP-transfer, IP-connectivity, dark fiber, ...).
• Procurement and sales negotiations with other carriers (MCI, Level 3, Deutsche Telekom, KPNQWEST, ...).
Telco (trans-European start-up)
Benchmarking global best practice for fixed telecommunication marketing • Market research about key telecommunication markets (UK, Sweden, Netherlands, USA, Chile, ...) based on desk research and phone interviews.
• Analysis of most promising telecommunication products and distribution approaches. Identification/invention of new products.
• Strategy workshops with client.
• Creation of basic business cases for new key products.
Telco reseller (German market leader)
Telco maintenance operations benchmarking • Aim: Getting operational information about maintenance operations from competing telcos who normally would not cooperate.
• Setting-up an industry panel (questionnaire, university involvement for better reputation).
• Invitation of participants (15 telcos from 4 continents).
• Conduction of expert interviews and analyzing key findings.
• Creation of report, distributing panel results to all participants.
• Results: Client got key insights for its massive restructuring initiative. Panel participants satisfied.
Telco (Brazil)
Mobile Phone Network Operators
Mobile phone operator start-up • Designing the company's organizational structure.
• Processes design (for all departments).
• Design and creation of all relevant departments: network, technology, infrastructure roll-out, marketing, sales, subscriber administration, activation, credit check, recruiting, logistics, legal, ...
• Recruitment of personnel and training of employees.
• Specification of system requirements. Procurement of hard and software, as well as system technology.
• Identification of the corporate headquarters location.
• Product definition and product management.
Mobile phone operator (Austria)
Set-up of industry panel for mobile phone network maintenance • Background: The client is interested to benchmark its maintenance operation figures with its international counterparts. Since the established players refused to share competitive information, this panel approach was set-up.
• Setting-up benchmarking panel methodology.
• Identifying and approaching panel participants (10 European mobile phone operators).
• Conducting expert interviews with panellists.
• Publishing results to all participants.
Mobile phone operator (Austria)
International benchmarking mobile phone marketing and distribution • Market research, interviews, workshops and benchmarking visits in the most advanced markets (Sweden, Denmark, Germany, UK, ...).
• Development of the sales strategy.
• Negotiations with key sales channels/-partners.
Mobile phone operator (France)
Billing system migration • Aim: Ensuring a smooth system migration of all subscribers from the legacy billing system to a standard billing system.
• Identifying improvement possibilities of current billing processes.
• Designing the to-be-processes.
• Identifying migration risks and creation of contingency plans.
• Detailed project planning for the system migration.
Mobile phone operator (Greece)
Interim management for start-up mobile phone operator • Situation: Mobile phone operator realized 8 weeks before the communicated network launch date that they are far behind schedule. To avoid further losses, a provisionary commercial launch has to take place within 8 weeks.
• Specification of system requirements and procurement of IT systems (billing, activation, warehousing and logistics, CRM, call center).
• Civil engineering project management to ensuring that the headquarters premises are available on time.
• Design of call center processes / creation of agent scripts.
• Interim management with a high number of contingency measures to overcome implementation shortages.
• Results: Commercial launch on time, despite the originally huge project delay.
Mobile phone operator (India)
Launching a mobile phone service provider • Strategy definition based on market research / analysis of German service provider market.
• Financial and operational simulation of market entry.
• Contract negotiations with all mobile network operators.
• Identification of alternative market entry strategies.
• Identification / invention of niche market mobile services
• Detailed business plans for five disruptive mobile services (access via roaming, calling cards, ...).
• Executive strategy workshops.
Mobile Phone Service Provider (German start-up)
Mobile service distribution strategy • SWOT analysis of client market situation.
• Mystery shopping to identify adherence of cooperation partners.
• Identification of available strategy options.
• Business plan and business process modelling.
• Set-up of mathematical models for UK demand forecasts (5 years, break down by carrier and sales channel).
• Formulating a make or buy strategy.
Mobile phone service provider (UK)
Electronics & Telecommunications Manufacturers
Business area refocus strategy • Interviews with stakeholders of all key business areas..
• SWOT analysis for all key business areas (including telecommunication industry trends and competitors).
• Portfolio strategy, recommendations to the board.
• Result: Focus on 4 business areas, discontinuation of 3.
Large German telecommunications manufacturer
Market strategy voice value-added-services • Market research / expert interviews of voice based value added services.
• Analyzing the market trends to forecast future situation, developing strategic key recommendations.
• Workshop with the client and the client's customers.
Swiss telecommunications manufacturer
Key account strategy • Aim: Marketing and sales strategy to become one of the top three supplier of an international telco.
• Identification of the customer's procurement situation.
• Identification of the key account situation of each key competitors.
• SWOT analysis for own product and service portfolio.
• Defining new key account strategy and redesign of sales operation.
German operations of international telecommunications manufacturer
Sales organization restructuring • Identification of key issues in sales operation.
• Redesigning organizational structure.
• Reallocating customers and channels among the sales teams.
• Redesigning current sales processes.
Large consumer electronics manufacturer
Distribution channel strategy desktop computers • Systematic identification of all relevant sales channels.
• Market research about existing shop networks (size, growth, approach, P&L).
• Business modelling for large scale shop network (timed rollout).
Large European computer manufacturer
SIM card service strategy • Aim: Creation of revenue streams from new services, additionally to component business.
• SWOT analysis and development of strategic framework.
• Interviews, workshops and visits with the leading mobile network operators (France, Belgium, Spain, Portugal, ...).
• Identification of new services, e. g. subscriber activation outsourcing, SIM replacement service, logistics, ... .
• Business cases for new services.
• Patenting of invention made during project.
French SIM-card manufacturer (world market leader)
IT and Ecommerce
Telecommunication procurement cost reduction • Telecommunication spend identification (over 10 mn EUR for 10 000 employees across 15 countries): Consolidating data from different accounting systems, cost segmentation into categories (fix voice, mobile voice, data, VAS, ...).
• Identification of service levels and usage volumes (today and future).
• Identification of current telecommunication structure, design of future structure.
• Identification of new cost saving approaches / new technologies.
• Contract negotiations with existing and newly identified suppliers. (RFI, RFQ, facilitated negotiations).
• Contract restructuring to reduce spend within current contracts, bundling / un-bundling of service needs, decomposition of suppliers‘ price structures, internal best pricing).
• Project results: 28% cost reduction on telecommunications spend.
IT-systems house (world leader, Asia Pacific operation)
Start-up of electronic project market place • Business concept (market studies, target group panels, brand name).
• Identification and selection of key suppliers (service, graphics, programming, financial advisor).
• Business registration as a UK Limited company.
• Managing launch of service.
• Ongoing operations management. Introduction of additional features and services.
• Creation of a licensee model.
• Internet marketing and PR (newsletter, SEO, SEM, affiliate marketing, public presentations, media releases, customer retention).
Ecommerce (German start-up)
Turnkey start-up of ecommerce platform • Defining start-up strategy for tax advisor market place, implementation plan, definition of milestones.
• Identification of business name (market research, target audience panels).
• Recruiting the relevant experts and suppliers (designer, writer, web designer) as part of turn-key solution.
• Implementation management.
• Results: Platform up and running within two months.
Tax consultancy (Germany)
Start-up of a global Internet navigation service • Aim: To launch a global mapping service similar to Google-Maps.
• Development of the specific internet technology.
• Supplier identification (maps, rendering, massive data hosting, programmers).
• Managing launch of service (global coverage based on 110 000 sub-maps).
• Product management (introduction of additional features and services).
• PR, media releases.
Ecommerce (German start-up)
Start-up of telephone directory service • Business case development / VC strategy.
• Industry benchmarking
• Design of viral marketing mechanisms.
• Restructuring IT-operations.
• Usability testing.
• Coaching of founder team.
Ecommerce (Australian start-up)
Businessplan ecommerce • Aim: Business plan for a long term ecommerce commitment.
• Creation of core team consisting of managers from all relevant enterprise areas.
• Definition of the BP structure.
• Review of all initiatives within the corporation.
• Development of the long term product vision.
• Co-ordination of the team members' contributions.
• Overall Results: Business plan that has the commitment from all stakeholders, investment decision.
International farming machine manufacturer
Service Industry
Start-up of international payment card operations • Aim: Launching a new card payment product for transportation industry across 39 countries.
• Assessment of the existing processes in terms of applicability for the new product stream.
• Focus interviews with employees of al levels to identify soft implementation issues.
• Identification of international best-in-class processes.
• Make or buy strategy for the different operational steps.
• Definition and implementation of the to-be processes.
German automotive manufacturer
Efficiency improvement of HR-operations • Centralized identification of absenteeism rates across the 10 000 employees of 300 departments in 10 countries.
• Identification of key absenteeism reasons among staff.
• Process reengineering, setting-up an online reporting system with early warning indications for 300 department managers.
• Designing and piloting of other HR-projects (occupational health cost reduction, performance management improvement, recruiting in-sourcing, ...).
• Results: Absenteeism reduced by 3 days per year.
IT system house (Australia)
Process improvement real estate marketing • Aim: Improving the process and sales efficiency.
• Strategy definition workshops.
• Focus interviews with employees of al levels.
• Documentation of as-is-processes.
• Identification of international best-in-class processes.
• Definition and implementation of the to-be processes.
German real estate broker
Launching a recruitment agency • Aim: Start-up of a recruitment agency / temps agency for call centre agents.
• Business planning.
• Incorporation as a German limited corporation.
• Process design and product design.
• Creation of an Assessment Center for applicants.
• Interim management of operations.
• Recruiting and training of employees.
German telemarketing agency
Product implementation of a registered letter product • Overall project management.
• Interactive process design together with all involved departments and suppliers.
• Choosing the appropriate tracking & tracing technology and supplier selection.
• Identification of product quality criteria and committing all process owners.
• Process implementation.
European postal service company
European software distribution strategy • Market research about software distribution in 10 key European markets (market figures, structures and players) .
• Interviews with international market experts.
• Mathematic modelling for each market.
• Identifying KPIs for each market.
• Strategies for market entry per country.
Publishing house (Austria)
M&A project management • Establishing company value (business plan, calculation of net present value evaluation based on depreciated future cash flows).
• Creation of sales brochures (brief, full, sanitized).
• Defining M&A strategy options (buying, selling, co-operating, investor).
• Identifying potential target companies (Europe wide), establishing contacts with decision makers, NDA.
• Facilitating structured negotiations between client and target.
• Supporting the contract procedures (legal, financial, taxation, ...).
• Supporting the due diligence procedures.
Telemarketing agency (Germany)
Sales organization restructuring • Identification of sales force KPI.
• New organizational design for the sales organization.
• Development of efficient key incentives for sales force.
German Insurance Group
Chemical, Metal and Mining Industry
International key account sales process • Aim: Improving sales conversions of international customers during the 2-4 day visit at the enterprise's test and technology center.
• Detailed process design (customer travel logistics and welcome, management of customer specific test jobs, cultural programme).
• Set-up a new department for customer visit management.
• Coaching the department's manager (leadership, management skills).
• Results: Department functional within 3 months. About 10 weekly visits of client teams. About 50% of visits result in orders > 1 mn Euro.
International printing machine manufacturer
Production cost reduction • Target: 30% cost reduction, all initiatives must have payback within 2 years.
• Kick-off (securing project resources, focus interviews, benchmarking, basic analysis).
• Client mobilization (workshops, in-house PR-events, company newspaper). 
• Analyzing accounting data to identify and define key improvement areas.
• Master plan creation (2 years, 10 departments involved).
• Launching improvement teams (pilot team, then one team per department).
• Identification of over 100 improvement ideas (brainstorming, workshops, process analysis, ...).
• Feasibility and financial validation of all improvement ideas. Getting board approval for all large investments.
• Implementation of quick win projects (implementation of other projects was performed by client himself).
• Project results: Cost reduction over 100 mn EUR within 2 years.
Steel manufacturer (German market leader)
HR-operations re-engineering • HR-improvement team kick-off for 5 people over 18 months (Coaching and training of the team during initial 3 months).
• Evaluation and prioritization of key issues (focus interviews, criteria ranking, workshops, cause-results analysis).
• Managing reduction of recruitment time from 9 to 3 months.
• Creating a system to ensure clear roles and responsibilities. Creation of high transparency across the whole organization.
• Restructuring other HR process, e. g. visa application, temporary labor pool, industrial relationship management, ...
Namibian mine of a global mining company
Procurement cost reduction • Aim: Helping the procurement department to reduce the expenditures for mining equipment and for temporary labor by 20%.
• Identification of key spendings from accounting systems.
• Definition of procurement needs (features, qualities, quantities) with process owners.
• Global identification of alternative suppliers.
• RFI, RFQ, RFP and negotiations with suppliers.
• Overall Results: 21% cost reduction in the addressed areas.
Global mining company, British operations
International distribution strategy for specialised chemicals • Challenge: Low international market penetration despite having leading product features and being number one in national market. Client could not find reasons, despite several analyses.
• Focus interviews in 10 countries with employees (all levels), customers, dealers.
• Structuring and rating of the findings.
• Client workshops to priotise issues and improvement approaches.
• Results: Identified the core issue (previously unknown to client) and development of a suitable solution.
German market leader for specialised chemicals
Consulting Industry and Associations
Benchmarking European electronics manufacturing • Market research (Internet, press, interviews).
• Research report (to be translated into Japanese).
Japanese industry association
Video documentary about Nobel Price Winner • Ensuring project funding from six contributors.
• Recruiting of team members for camera, sound, video mixing, graphics, DVD authoring, translations into 16 subtitle languages, Internet channel.
• Project management and performing interview with Nobel Prize Winner Prof. Reinhard Selten.
• Media production and distribution to 20 countries.
International business association
Market research about German consulting industry • Market research / interviews with industry experts.
• Identification of key figures from all players (market reports).
• Identification of key customers and projects.
• Creation of a large ACCESS database with all relevant data.
Business consultancy (German market leader)
Global alliance maps • Aim: Graphical overviews of alliances and shareholder structures for 3 global industries (telecommunication, chemical and banking).
• Creation of a special database to manage inconsistent alliance data/information.
• Creation of the necessary tools to graphically represent the alliances.
• Market research to identify and update alliance data (shareholders).
• Publication of maps in business press.
German operations of a global business consultancy
Launching a telecommunications industry think tank • Aim: Creating a market research department for the international telecommunication industry.
• Start-up the department (hiring and developing 6 employees to cover 6 languages).
• Interim management of the department, acquisition of projects, growing department until break-even.
• Performed first 20 international research and strategy projects ( Focus: telecommunications, ecommerce, call center).
• Presenting results to key clients and as a speaker at international conferences.
Business consultancy (Germany, global player)
Toolkit for start-up mobile phone operators • Aim: Creation of a standard toolkit to support turn-key start-up mobile phone operators.
• License bidding processes.
• State of the art organizational structures.
• Designing all key mobile phone processes.
• Development of standardized implementation plans.
• Develop of standardized business planning toolkit.
Business consultancy (large UK player)