Project Example – Mergers & Acquisitions

  • Companies that are challenged by market concentration, globalization, financial portfolio considerations, product range reassessments or unsolved company succession issues.

Project approach based on 5 phases:
  • Creation of company profile
    • Sanitized profile
    • Full profile
    • Business plan and financial evaluation  
  • Identifying project strategy
          (buying, selling, co-operating, finding investor, finding investment partner)
  • Approaching target companies
    • Identification of potential targets
    • Directly approaching decision makers
    • Presentation of sanitized profile without revealing the clients identity
    • Non-disclosure agreement (NDA) from target
    • Getting clients “go ahead”
    • Presentation of full profile (revealing the clients identity)
  • Negotiations between client and target
    • Meeting arrangements
    • Structured meeting agenda
    • Presentation of business plan
  • Contract
    • Supporting the client on strategic considerations and negotiation strategy
    • Due diligence support
    • Supporting the contract procedures (legal, financial, taxation, ...)

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