Project Example - Creation of a Voice over IP-Service

Project Activities

  • Identifying and designing the business opportunity
  • Business planning and creation of decision proposal for the executive board (telco with over 100 000 employees)
  • Specification of system requirements and sourcing of system technology
  • Definition of all relevant processes (subscriber activation, billing, lawful interception, maintenance procedures, organizational responsibilities)
  • Project management (ensuring that the infrastructure and processes are available on time)
  • Creation of terms and conditions, solving legal issues
  • Product definition and product management
  • Product communication together with a marketing agency (brochures, TV-adds, trade fairs)
  • System testing (lab and pilot customer)

Project results:

  • Launching a complex product in a complex organization within 9 months
  • Solving contingency issues
  • Helping a "slowly moving" company to be first in the market

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